A School with a Mission

Recommendation to Students

  • It is the duty of every student:-
    1. to become an educated and cultured citizen and to do the greatest possible for our country.
    2. to study diligently and to be punctual in attendance . Success is not possible unless a pupil studies at least three to four hours each day at home. "Silence prayer and perseverance" are the indispensable conditions for success in studies.
    3. to obey the instructions of the principal and the teachers without question.
    4. to come to school with all necessary textbooks and writing materials and to be duly prepared for the lessons.
    5. to come to school clean , well-groomed and neatly dressed. Pupils coming without full uniform or dressed in a casual manner will not be admitted to the class rooms.
    6. to keep his place clean and tidy in the classroom.
    7. to enter the classroom and take the place immediately after the bell rings . To enter and leave the classroom only with the teacher`s permission.
    8. to sit upright during the lessons , not to lean on his elbows or slouch , to listen attentively to the teacher`s explanation and other pupil`s answer and not to talk or let his attention go astray.
    9. to stand up when the teachers or principal enters or leaves the room.
    10. to stand in attention when answering the teachers, to sit down only with teacher`s permission & to raise his / her hand if he/she wishes to answer or ask questions.
    11. to take accurate notes in his assignment books or home work note book and to show these notes to his/her parents, to do all homework unaided.
    12. to be respectful to the principal and teachers and greet them politely and courteously.
    13. to be polite to elders, to behave properly in school, in the streets and public places.
    14. to protect school property, to be careful of his personal things and belongings of his colleagues.
    15. to be attentive and considerate to old people, small children , the weak and sick , to give them a seat in the bus or train or to make way for them in the street being helpful in every way.
    16. to obey the parents, to help in the case of younger brothers and sisters.
    17. to carry the school calendar with him/ her always and to present it when required by the principal or teacher.
    18. to cherish the honour of his/her school and class, to defend it as his/her own.
    19. to avoid going to bathroom during class hours except for very special reasons.
    20. not to move in the premises or in any other classroom which is not of his / her own.
    21. not to leave school premises without prior permission.